The four turned down another hallway, this one narrow and filled with dancing lights. Chel’s attention drifted upward to where a tinkling sound was coming. The ceiling of this hall was filled with tiny sparkling chimes. Energy of some sort arced among them, making them move in a musical fashion. Chel’s jaw dropped slightly, captivated by the movement and accompanying notes.

“I should take you home, Chel.” Lexx whispered, more to himself than her. He added in a louder tone. “Trasik did not accept the loss and might hurt you,.. thinking she can get at me through you.” Lexx idly rubbed his shoulder. The wound was healing and itching beneath the bandage. “She probably has the perception that you’re with me because I want you with me.”

“Lexx,…” Chel stared at him, noting that he was being more personable than he had ever been before. He was really worried. This wasn’t just to get rid of her. “I don’t want to go home yet,… to stay. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I do have to be there to meet my brother and sister, but you’re not leaving me there!”

“I could if I want to.” Lexx shrugged, looking at the wall. “You know that.”

“I want to be here.” Chel shook her head.

“I … don’t understand why.” He really couldn’t see why she wanted to stay. From his viewpoint, she was in danger now and he didn’t want to be responsible if she were hurt.