“What’s there to understand? I’m a bored college student and this all really,…” Chel attempted to make light of the decision. “Well… ” She searched for the words that would best describe her reasoning, and wasn’t finding them. “I want to see you win, Lexx, all the way,.. and I want my cat back.”

“That cat….”

That cat, was at the moment, not paying attention to the conversation, instead, flicking her tails back and forth as Zeta kept bouncing around Lexx’s legs, trying to nip them.

“I don’t get that either… she’s an obnoxious,…” Lexx grumbled, but was cut off by an irritated yowl from Stealth, followed by a shrill yelp from Zeta as claws raked over his muzzle, drawing blood instantly.

“ZETA! I said stop trying to bite my tails, now they’re all wet!!” Stealth hissed, arching her back so that every hair stood upright.

“My point.” Lexx stated nonchalantly.

“She’s a cat. That’s part of her charm.” Chel smiled.

Lexx couldn’t help but smile as well, but turned his head so that Chel couldn’t see him and point it out.