‘I could just forget about all this and leave her on Earth tomorrow.’ Lexx seriously considered. ‘She can’t stop me,.. it would be best.’ Then he idly rubbed his chin. ‘This shouldn’t be a struggle for me. She’s just a stupid girl!’

Somewhere inside, regret gnawed at even thinking that now. Things were different, she wasn’t just a stupid girl, and she’d managed to get through Lexx’s emotional defenses, thanks to Stealth. ‘Six days,… it’s only been six days and so much has happened. How did she do it? How is she managing to annoy me so much,… yet make me want her to stay here at the same time.’ The question kept coming up. The relay only made him aware of her stronger emotions and a few random thoughts. It should have made him want the added interference to his own relay removed, but it didn’t. ‘She’s so different. She doesn’t want anything from me.’

‘She’s concerned about me.’ Lexx stared at the stars, wishing that there was something written on them that would tell him what to do.