He thought it over. He could just grab the cat and make a run for it, but he didn’t know how good human reactions were. He could try to gently move her arm, but that might put him within range of whatever she could do, or he could gently try to remove the cat and most likely wake her up. He failed to notice the cat’s left eye opening enough to see him then abruptly closing. The latter would probably work best. He wouldn’t have to touch the girl and might be able to get the cat away and himself out of range before she could do anything.

With great care, Lexx lowered his hand over the cat, intending on picking her up by the loose skin along the back of her neck. His hand didn’t make it. the cat turned her head around and sunk her sharp little teeth into his hand. The gloves didn’t offer any protection and he was immediately aware of a wet warmth seeping down his palm. She’s brought the blood.

Slowly, he inhaled and counted to himself, eyes rolling upward to stare at the ceiling in an attempt to take his mind off the pain. “Must,… Not,… Scream!” He silently told himself. The breathing didn’t work. What did those idiots know who told him it always worked?! Counting numbers and taking your mind off the pain, does NOT make it go away,.. ever.