Zeta paused, his head held low, but looking up. She didn’t have a gun and she sounded sincere. He glanced back at Lexx and sighed. “Zeta not know,… you bad human, hurt Lexx, not want Lexx hurt more.”

“If he stays out here, someone else might see him who will turn him in, and then he could really be hurt.” Chel knelt on one knee before Zeta so she was at his level. She wasn’t as afraid of him. He wasn’t that big and didn’t seem to be a vicious man eater.

Chel struggled to move Lexx without hurting him more, but he was much heavier than he looked. Zeta helped, but he could only manage to lift Lexx’s left leg by gripping the boot between his teeth. Once they were inside, Chel and Zeta managed to maneuver Lexx to the couch in the living room. It was hard work and it wasn’t until Chel leaned back to catch her breath did she realize that he was muddy as well as wet and now getting the couch wet.

She sighed and turned to Zeta, starting to remove Lexx’s wrap, “Look, I’m sorry. I’m here alone, but maybe I can help. Maybe call an ambulance, no,… that would not be a good idea,…” Chel quickly nixed that thought. They’d have too many questions to ask. If she did that, she might as well have turned him over to the police.

“You fix!” Zeta glared at the girl, stomping his feet on the floor and splattering water everywhere. Chel was going to have a lot to cleanup if she didn’t do something soon. First things first, get all of the aliens wet clothes off, maybe throw a towel at the mouthy little lizard.

Chel moved slowly. Lexx was breathing steadily, so he didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger. Maybe the bullet had only hit his arm and wasn’t bleeding too badly. It had been dark outside, so she hadn’t seen exactly where it had gone. She untied the black band of fabric around Lexx’s head and paused. He didn’t really look like what she expected an alien would look like. He was far too human in appearance, well, other than the blue skin and the pointed ears that had been tied back by the band. “Great, I shot Mr. Spock.” She muttered more to herself than anyone else.

“Who Mr. Spock?” Zeta cocked his head curiously, the crown of red and gold feathers along the back of his head rising.

“Nobody,… just,… he’s not what I expected an alien to look like! I hate it when aliens all look human, I never thought I’d run into one and now,.. ugh, what am I DOING?!” Chel stared at the lizard,… she was having a conversation with. This was not happening. It couldn’t be happening.

“Lexx bleeding lots,…” Zeta lowered his head, noting a small trickle of red going down Lexx’s hand and starting to drip slowly onto the carpet. Chel shook her head, trying to get her thoughts straight. Alien or not, she had to stop the bleeding.

At least it wasn’t green blood. Green blood would have been too creepy and Chel thought she might have had a hard time if it had been. Red,… at least she wouldn’t have to do much explaining about red stains on the carpet and couch and maybe she could get them up before they’d stain. She tried to keep her mind on other things so she wouldn’t actually ‘think’ as she removed Lexx’s wet coat and clothing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep from imagining what her mom would think if she walked in. ‘Yes, Mother, I shot an alien. He was in my room and woke me up trying to steal the cat I found. He jumped out a window, I shot him and called the police. Then I told the police to go away, because I was afraid of what they might do with him. Now, I’m undressing him so I won’t make the couch wet and can stop his bleeding. Yes, he looks very human, yes,… he’s obviously a he. Mom, it honestly isn’t what it looks like.’

Pants off, thank God he’s wearing something beneath them. Chel was already red in the face from embarrassment. She stopped for a few minutes to grab a blanket and several towels, one she dropped on top of Zeta in passing. “Dry off, don’t need water all over the place, ok?”

Zeta wagged his tail slightly and rolled over in the towel. Chel draped the blanket over Lexx and started wiping blood off his shoulder and then noticed that the blood on his side was heavier. Great. Using both hands she worked first to stop the bleeding. It wasn’t that heavy, but soaked the towels to the point she had to wash them out after a few minutes and return with a small basin so she wouldn’t have to repeat the trip.

“Humans not supposed to see Lexx,… Zeta either.” The lizard stated in a slightly muffled tone, gripping a corner of his towel in his teeth to offer it to Chel.