Lexx put down the controller in a stiff jerky motion and quickly got to his feet, embarrassed. He didn’t know what he should do other than say hello. Deciding to let Chel speak, Lexx stepped beside her.

“Aside from the pointy ears,.. and the blue skin, nice boyfriend, Chel! About time!” Andrea grinned, teasing her older sister.

“He’s not my boyfriend, Andrea.” Chel glanced at Lexx, wondering how he’d react to that statement.

Lexx was too busy staring at the ceiling and gripping his arms to notice the look. “Just friends,…” He muttered uncertainly.

“Wow,.. so where’s the spaceship? I’d like to see the spaceship!” Kalvin circled Lexx in a way that made him uncomfortable. “I bet none of my friends have ever been on a real spaceship!”

“I thought you went crazy while we were gone!” Andrea laughed.

“Gee,.. thanks.” Chel sighed.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Andrea grinned jumping at Chel and hugging her briefly. Lexx blinked at the action and worried that the girl might come after him next. So this was how brothers and sisters acted around each other? He hadn’t been fortunate enough to experience that kind of a relationship. He almost felt jealous.

“How old are you? Are you really old?” Kalvin tried to get Lexx’s attention, completely fascinated by him.

“No,.. I’m probably 22 by your years,…” Lexx was trapped by the questioning and since he was a guest here, felt obligated to reply,… even though his voice cracked and came out halting and squeaky. ‘Chel… what am I supposed to…’ He stopped himself. In his panic he could cause a lot of problems for Chel if he actively tried to speak with her through the remote, but he felt that need.

Chel blinked, hearing an echo in her head that sounded suspiciously like Lexx’s voice. It faded and she cast it off as her imagination. “Kalvin,… stop that, Lexx isn’t really that good with people.”

Lexx wrinkled his forehead in frustration. “I don’t get to speak with a lot of people.” He tried to even his voice. And then, Andrea was in his face, or at least close to it, uncomfortably close.

“Why? You look like you wouldn’t have any problems speaking with anyone.” Andrea smiled sweetly and was promptly removed by Chel.


“It’s ok…” Lexx shook his head and his mouth turned up in a slight smirk. “I spend a lot of time in a ship,… I don’t get out often. I have work.”

“Really, what do you do?” Kalvin was quick to ask.

“Lexx,… do you want to tell them?” Chel gave him a serious look. “They won’t tell anyone else, but if I’m going back up there for the summer, they need to know.”

Lexx nodded slowly, “Nobody would believe you ,…”