Chel stared at the cat, saying nothing. Lexx avoided the cat’s eyes as they peered up at him. “My goal is to capture fifty dice, strewn across your world… Stealth is part of it.”

The cat barely waited for the words to leave Lexx’s mouth, snapping in irritation, “Never mind that I BELONG to Chel? I was her kitten, Mittens, until your dice attacked me!”

“Mittens?!” Chel stared harder at the cat, unbelieving. It didn’t resemble her kitten in anything more than being black with white forepaws. The ears and eyes are too big, alien,… not to mention the two tails tipped in dark orange and white.

“Yes.” Stealth purred.

Chel looked blank for a moment, just a moment, then she grabbed the cat and backed away from Lexx. “There is NO way I’m letting you take MY cat!” She yelled. Her poor kitten. Part of a game that sounded rather cruel to Chel. Sticking poor defenseless animals into tiny dice. She didn’t want to imagine her own kitten being one of them. It looked painful and inhumane.

Lexx blinked.

He hadn’t quite expected that reaction. Apparently humans were very protective of their pets. This complicated things even more. What was he to do now. He considered a moment, maybe he could trick her. Humans seemed to have very short attention spans, so maybe he could use that and distract her long enough to get her to give him the cat, then forget about it. “Eh…. I’ll bring her back when I’m done?”