Lexx stood in the little room that Chel said was the bathroom. At least, this is the room he thought she’d directed him to at the end of the hall. It wasn’t like any bathroom he’d ever seen. It was much larger than what he was used to and the setup was different. He just stood there a moment longer. Shower, shower,… taken a few on other worlds that weren’t indoors. This was a completely different matter.

Logic. There was a door. That obviously lead to a basin with a drain at the bottom. He undressed, being particularly careful to fold and place everything on a shelf, then he stepped inside and slid the door shut. Now what. There was a single knob in the center and a shower head above him. Kneeling forward a bit, he inspected the knob. There was a red bar on the left and a blue bar on the right. Hmmm,… blue for hot, red for cold.

Slowly, Lexx tried the knob to see how it worked and pulled it out and to the left. Better to try the cold water first and adjust it warmer than be scalded by the hot, at least, that was the intention. Cold droplets sprayed from the shower head, hitting him across the back. He shivered and grinned at the accomplishment. It was cold, but it felt pretty good.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stay cold, much to Lexx’s astonishment. Hot water quickly replaced the cold, causing him to yelp in astonishment and bang his head against the wall in an effort to get out of the stream. “Geh,… why can’t humans LOGICALLY set up their water!” He let the water run, opting to step out and open the other side of the shower to adjust it without having to get burned.

Once it was to his liking, he stepped back in. Showers were a luxury. Even the ones taken out in nature were a treat compared to how one usually had to keep clean in space. Water was reserved for drinking and could not be wasted on bathing. Lexx was used to having to stand in the cleanser, a device that used heat to do the same water did, although it wasn’t nearly as relaxing, and the smell afterward was not pleasant.

Lexx tilted his head upward, letting the water hit him the face, eyes closed despite himself. He felt he should’ve kept them open, but he couldn’t help it. “Warm water,…” He sighed. “So much better than the cold rain.”

And then, he smiled. “At least something good has come out of this horrible day.” The smile slowly faded as his eyes drifted down his arms. “Although,… now I’m stuck with a nosey human.” Lexx lifted his arms, examining the scars. Reminders. Always there to bring the memories back. “And she saw these.” He murmured. “She’ll ask questions.”

The weight settled heavily over him, a cloud that refused to lift. Emotions that always lingered. “I’ll have to wrap my arms.” He nodded slowly in thought, embarrassment. He didn’t like his scars seen, these the most. “Maybe she won’t ask. Maybe she’ll change her mind after a few days and give me Stealth,… maybe,…” Lexx mused on, the shower not nearly as comfortable as it had been.

“Maybe I want her to come with me since I can’t seem to think of a way to get rid of her,” He turned in the shower, noting the various soaps and bottles. It wasn’t hard to figure out what they were for and as he messed with them, he considered a bit more deeply, “I like to torture myself apparently. I could just grab the cat and leave, but no, I have to invite her on the ship and tell her she can keep the cat when I’m done,… don’t even know if that’d be legal to leave the dice on this planet,… although they are my dice and I should be able to do what I like with them. Humans. They’re so… persistent.”