“What do you mean, Stealth? What else could I be doing?”

Stealth hopped on top of the table, sitting down amidst the papers and books. “When this is all over, you only have memories of the game, the game YOU hate.” She put emphasis on her words, staring directly at Lexx the entire time. “That is a lot of time to waste, especially since you intend to be a loner if you win.”

“So?” Lexx had often spoke about how much he hated being around anyone and just wanted to be alone somewhere that nobody would bother him. Free from the Alien Dice Corporation’s hands. Free from anyone seeking a game from him. Free, because he’d be too far out of the way for anyone to bother seeking him.

“What are you going to think about when you’re alone? Battles won? Being chased by Claudia and Damian? Trasik?” Stealth stood and swished her tails, kinking all three at the end to hop off the table and then saunter off into bunkroom for a nap. “Things you don’t enjoy, but have to do or things you decide to do that make you happy,.. even if they take time?” She didn’t look back, leaving Lexx to consider her words.

Lexx sat there for a moment, looking at the readouts in his hands. She was right. Things changed quickly and his first calculations were never the ones he went by. It was just a habit to pass the time. There were other things he could be doing right now while there was free time. He crumpled the paper quickly and tossed it aside with a discontent grunt.  “I guess I can talk to Damian and Claudia while I’m down there… get that out of the way.”