Why does Fiction have to make sense when real life doesn’t? – T. Ross


Chapter 2

“It isn’t much, but it’s home.” Lexx stated. He walked toward the glass wall. There were several structures set into the wall that resembled closed up bookcases. Everything was like these, making the walls almost appear seamless and leaving little to obstruct the hall they were standing in. At least, Chel thought it was a hall. There was nothing in the way of furniture, no decoration of any kind. Even the lighting was spartan, running lights that threaded throughout the floor and ceiling to give an even atmosphere.

The water in the biosphere caused a very slight fluctuation in the lighting, casting an almost soothing array of reflections against the dark walls. Chel blinked, realizing that was probably the purpose of this setup.

“Stealth…” Lexx addressed the cat, stopping in front of one of the ‘bookcases’ The covering panel slid away to reveal several odd tools and a display rack. Above one of the racks, there was an image of Zeta, one that Chel could see through. She stepped closer to get a better look. “I need to scan you so that the next dice can be located.” Lexx removed a long red cylindrical object and turned to Stealth. The cat was sitting indifferently nearby, muttering something to herself. Her ears were back and the green gold of her eyes barely showed through her narrowed lids.

Chel looked at Lexx, wondering exactly the scanning would do to the cat that she’d be acting that way. Lexx noted the look and decided it would be better to say something than risk her DOING something to interrupt his work.

“Don’t worry. It just reads the encoded dice information. It will not harm her.” He knelt down and waved the device over Stealth’s head until a beeping sound echoed from out of nowhere, and a cold voice recited: Scanning Dice. …. Stealth Dice Obtained. …. Entry Complete.