Epsilon splashed about in the warm water happily, darting this way and that and then breaking the surface in a quick flip of her tail. She flipped once and vanished again beneath the water. Chel giggled as she watched from the small circular area that served as land in the biosphere. She leaned her head on one arm, watching Epsy play while Zeta sat next to her, glaring at the water.

“It’s nice to have someone else around, Chel, especially another female!” Epsy squeaked popping up right in front of the two and swimming in a slow lazy circle.

“Ugh, got enough those here.” Zeta grumbled.

“Zeta!” Chel giggled, impulsively reaching into the water to splash Zeta. He jerked upward with a yelp.

“That not NICE, Chel!” Zeta scooted a foot away and sat back down, shaking his head to get rid of the clinging drops.

Chel giggled uncontrollably, amused with Zeta’s grumpiness. Epsy swam to one side of her and put her paws up on the ledge, about to pull herself up when the doors to the biosphere elevator opened and Lexx walked in.

He stood there for a moment, then hurriedly stated in an awkward invitation, “I’m going down to the island, would you like to come?”