For almost an hour, Lexx, Chel, Epsy and Skate swam and played around in the waves. Chel screamed as Lexx picked her up, then dunked her in deeper water. Boys. Men. There really wasn’t a lot of difference, she thought as she sputtered back to the surface. She didn’t mind, it was just a funny realization.

“Lexx!” A duo of familiar and loud voices echoed over the water.

“Claudia and Damian?” Chel looked at Lexx questioningly. “What are they doing here, Lexx?”

“Just being Claudia and Damian.” Lexx smirked. “I need to speak with them. I’ll be back in a moment.” Lexx turned away to head for the beach.

“Ok.” Chel frowned slightly, watching him leave, wondering what was going on. He had seemed almost relieved to see the two show up,… and after how he reacted the last times they’d shown up, Chel couldn’t understand why. She sighed and leaned on Epsy, “Something isn’t right,…”