Stealth stared nervously at the open balconies, her ears forward in a futile effort to hear anything above the sound of the party. She was considering sneaking out, but Lexx would probably notice she was gone. It was during one of those sweeps that she caught sight of a long red tail.

Stealth’s hackles rose in annoyance. What was Zeta doing here? She expected him to have been out where Epsy was, bringing her food or something. That’s what sivarile did while birthing. But then again, Zeta wasn’t that bright and Epsy looked like she was more than able to eat anything that accidentally stumbled into her nesting area.

“Zeta…” Stealth slipped through the crowd as easily as a two hundred pound cat can and sidled up next to Zeta. He was shamelessly begging for treats with his eyes and not having a lot of luck with it, but he was getting attention. “Stop being so embarrassing.” Stealth growled.

“Least Zeta not have wear ribbon.” Zeta cast a sideways glance at Stealth.

“I’m sure you will be wearing a far more fashionable collar once Maenae finds you.” Stealth growled. “Where have you been? Do you know where Epsy is?”

“No. She not play right now. Bitey.” Zeta snorted. Stealth resisted the urge to inform Zeta of his fatherly duty, but thought better about it. He might get himself killed or eat one of the eggs.