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Please note that this is not the actual BEGINNING of the archives. This is to mark where I changed the size of the comics, to get to the beginning, Click Here!
In case you’re wondering about the image size fluctuations… I’m experimenting with the best way to present the comic. You will get 3-5 updates a week depending on how the page slices. 😉 If I can cut it in half and show you a larger more detailed image, I will. IF I can’t, you get a full page. I have found that coloring in the way that I’m coloring now is working WELL for me getting things done. Today’s image is available as a print and a poster starting at $4 in the Shivae Studios Store along with other discounted prints.

By the way… I have a slew of photoshop brushes that I’m cheating with. 😀 Most of them are from Raptura and SnowFox (The latter were given to me as a donation, which I use a LOT.) I often don’t use the brushes for what they were intended for. 😉 Fur does well for grass and straw, clouds can become mist, ocean waves can become snow flurries. I also use Blambot for a lot of my fonts. 🙂