On the other side of the door, Chel stood with Zeta at her side. He was staring at the door until Chel spoke, “He’s been in there for awhile. Is he okay?”

“Does it a lot. He fine.” Zeta didn’t sound nearly as excited and lively as he had before.

“Yes, probably won’t be out for awhile.” Stealth echoed Zeta’s response. She had hopped up onto one of the bunks and was making herself comfortable there. “Might as well get some sleep in. You didn’t sleep but a few hours last night, Chel.”

“Uhm,… here?” Chel turned to the cat. Lexx had such a bad reaction to her looking at his things, she didn’t want to risk making him madder and getting a rude awakening should she sleep on his bed as well.

“Would you rather sleep on the floor?” purred Stealth, finding that thought particularly amusing. Humans sleeping on the floor, why, even cats don’t sleep on the floor if they can help it. Floors were for dogs and stupid little lizards.

“Not exactly what I meant. I’m tired and all, but isn’t this where Lexx sleeps?”

“There’s more than one bunk, Chel, and he won’t mind you using this one, really. You see, his is over there and made up. This one doesn’t have a blanket.”

“I feel so, awkward.” Chel sat down on the bed, then leaned back against the head cushion, figuring it was probably a pillow of some sort. It was actually very comfortable and soft. Stealth walked to her side and sat up, laying one paw on her shoulder and giving the girl a sympathetic look.

“It’ll pass. Lexx isn’t making this easy on you.” She purred, and added in thought, ‘I’m no help either, but I would never admit that! I’ll be better. I shouldn’t be getting you into trouble with myself since I know that Lexx won’t do anything to me other than yell and maybe throw a book at me.’