Lexx stared at the view screen, watching some weird human sitcom he didn’t quite understand with Chel. It didn’t help that his mind was lingering on the events that had occurred earlier in the day. “I’ve never seen anything so disturbing.” He muttered, staring ahead into nothingness.

“I thought it was kinda cute,” Chel yawned, amused with how Lexx was reacting. It was such a kid like response to seeing two people kissing. She almost considered kissing Lexx just to toy with him, but her inhibitions held her back. For a moment, she wondered why that thought had crept into her head.

“Sickening!” Lexx shrugged, then added gruffly, “This is Damian and Claudia we are talking about. The two most touchy and annoying beings I know – KISSING!” Then almost as an afterthought he added, “If they have a kid the universe is doomed!” He wondered if that was even possible. Sairah and Kourwine were different races, but there was some speculation that at one time they had been one race. There was a also a general theory that they had also come from another even older race that had spawned the Littans. It was thought that they had remarkable adaptational abilities and changed abruptly depending on their environments over generations.

The Sairah lived on a tropical planet where it rained constantly and was fairly hot, but they had built self contained cities to avoid the heat and Damian was about as usual of a representative of their kind as possible. Pale, tall and thin with a strong inclination toward air conditioning. But, Lexx had seen other Sairah that didn’t look like Damian. They lived outside the domes and were dark skinned and shivered in the space stations. They’d usually be bundled up in heavy cloaks and robes instead of the standard light ones.

As for the Kourwine, they were chameleon like. Their planet was excessively hostile so they’d originally developed the ability for the purpose of concealment. Now it was merely fashion. And the Littans? Nothing on Litta that was edible was solid. Every fruit, every animal, everything was composed of liquid with a tough skin. The result, razor sharp canines and fewer bothersome molars. It attributed to the unusual sunken in look of their cheeks where molars should have been in the jaw. They weren’t used so they had gradually vanished. Some might call it evolution, but there was evidence of something else, a kind of cell that was self aware of the environment and changed DNA on its own, gradually. This was what all three races had in common.

“You’re being melodramatic, Lexx!” Chel giggled as Fly hopped up into her lap and sat up making a chittering sound. “Maybe it meant ‘nothing’.” She verbally jabbed at Lexx, recalling his comment that kissing her meant nothing.

Lexx stared at the girl a moment. ‘Nothing?’ He thought. There was an edge of hurt in her voice despite the smile on her face. Cute smile. It made his irritation fade for a brief second of his observation. ‘Nothing?’ Lexx mentally repeated the word and looked away, “If you don’t mind… I’m going to sleep in my bunk tonight”

“Not at all.” Chel shrugged, distracting herself by petting Fly. The smile faded from her lips and she couldn’t really understand why.