“It is our way to make sure even uninvited guests are made to feel comfortable. You may drink my Tilauh, Kasai, Mishan and Tarbil as well as eat my food and read my books, just don’t bother me when I’m busy. I have things to do and those things do not involve amusing humans.”

Chel stared into the mug, a bit hurt by Lexx’s tone. She took a small sip and found it to be very good, sweet, like cinnamon spiced chocolate. Not exactly what she’d expected an alien to be drinking. “Mmm… sweet. By the way, my name is Chel.”

“Zeta told me, Bad Chel.” Lexx replied dryly, tacking on. “Interesting combination.” It was almost like he was trying to be funny, although his expression was even and humorless.

“That’s just what Zeta called me… I prefer just Chel.” The girl attempted to be friendly, despite the continual cold shoulder she was getting from Lexx. She then noticed his arms were bandaged. His shirt did little to hide that as the sleeves were short and didn’t quite make it all the way to his hands. “Did you hurt your arms?” It was a little odd for him to have wrapped his arms when the scars were healed, so she supposed he’d hurt himself when he was catching the last dice.

Lexx’s reaction was simply to turn away, tugging futilely at the sleeves while trying to look like he wasn’t doing anything at all. It didn’t work, they wouldn’t hide the bandages completely. He sputtered slightly, thinking of a good response, “I was cold. I like keeping them wrapped because I don’t like being cold and it does get cold in here. Yes, yes, I know I could put on something warmer, but I also happen to like what I’m wearing.”