He sprung up from the chair and in a quick, somewhat jerky stride approached Stealth. The cat had just walked into the room and hopped up onto a counter on the opposite side of the room. Her ears went back and she stared at the wall indifferently as he stopped near her. “The next dice is the fly dice. I need Stealth to catch it.”

“What do I get out of it?” Stealth didn’t miss a breath.

“I have to bargain with you now?” While Lexx was glad to be free of anymore explaining, he wasn’t pleased to hear the cat talking back to him. He glanced from Chel to Stealth, who had now turned to stare at him, ears still laid flat across her skull, twin tails twitching in a slow methodic fashion.

“I’m not making her do anything.” Chel didn’t like the look Lexx gave her, silently accusing her of being behind the cat’s decision.

“She’s decided she’s your dice, apparently, Chel. But I need her to tag the fly dice.” Lexx stared at Stealth.

“I’ll do it for another bowl of milk.” Stealth tilted her chin in a dignified manner, stating her demand and not deeming Lexx worthy of eye contact.

Lexx blinked uncertainly. He didn’t know where milk came from or how to get it. His first experience with it had been in Chel’s house earlier. “I don’t …”

“It’s ok.” Chel interjected, “When we go back to my house, I can get more milk for her. I just want to go with you this time to see the dice!”

Great, now Lexx was stuck between two demands. He needed the dice. He needed Stealth to cooperate and the human probably couldn’t even keep up on the ground so she wouldn’t get in the way. “Ok, but you have to keep up. I’m not waiting for you to show up. This isn’t a show for spectators, just a game.”