Lexx leaned against the wall, gulping in a few breaths of clean air. If he’d stayed in there any longer, he was going to be sick. He couldn’t stand even the sound of someone throwing up. His time at the ADC Academy was responsible for that. They wanted all of the students in their best health and thin. Sometimes, they put drugs in the water and food of those they thought were overweight.

It didn’t always have the most desirable affect. The ones who drank it didn’t eat and sometimes were allergic to the drugs to a point that it permanently affected their bodies. That’s what had happened to one of Lexx’s roommates, a Sairah by the name of Toine. They gave him too much and he threw up for days,.. until he ruptured his throat and suffocated on his own blood.

Lexx thought about that and swallowed hard. They didn’t care. They were just kids. He could still remember that day. He’d come in from classes to find Toine leaning against their small study table, shaking and wiping blood off his mouth. Toine had remained in earlier to go see the nurses in the care unit.

“Toine? Toine?” His own voice echoed in his head as the memory flashed within his mind. “Are you all right? Did you go to the nurse?”

Toine hadn’t looked up. His face was paler than usual and almost white. A small pile of cloth beside the table showed that he’d been sitting there for a while, considerate of not making a mess even in his condition. “They said,… I needed to rest,.. and I’d be ok..”

Lexx stood by him, frowning and uncertain. He didn’t understand. This was all very wrong to him and he knew something was wrong. Toine hadn’t eaten in days and he looked weak. Then, he started to get out of the chair, trying to smile as though nothing was wrong. It was what Lexx remembered most about this one, he smiled no matter what,.. but Toine abruptly stumbled and fell against Lexx.

“Lexx,..” Toine had whimpered, “I don’t think,.. I’m going to be ok,.. am I?”

His eyes stung and Lexx felt ill. He could remember trying to get Toine to stand, trying to comfort him and then, the Sairah had died in his arms, gasping for air without Lexx knowing what to do. He couldn’t help him.

Nobody cared and it had haunted him for years following to the point that he’d become obsessive in learning anything he could. It was the beginning of his quest for knowledge and being prepared for anything. Lexx remembered,… that was when he had friends and wanted them.