Keith idly pet Fly, lost in his thoughts.  He didn’t hear Claudia approach down the path, her shoes clicking softly over the flat stepping stones.  She doesn’t need me.  She has everything she could want in Lexx.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”  Claudia announced her presence, sauntering past the trio with her hips swaying from side to side with so much sway that Keith half expected the skin tight dress she was wearing to split.

“Yes.”  Keith rolled his eyes and went back to petting Fly.  Drift puffed up behind Keith and Fly, wondering what Claudia was doing there.  She never really had anything to do with the dice, preferring more ‘sentient’ companionship.

“From afar.”  Claudia stopped in front of the glass wall and placed a hand on it.  “Everything’s gentle, peaceful and safe from afar.”


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*Noted*  If there’s a problem with your charm of you didn’t get one, please email me.  I know there is a design flaw with Swiftpaw that will likely break him in the mail.  Only in the mail, not in actual use.  😀  Going to have to send him WITHOUT a ring already put into him.  The ring had to be bigger due to his ears being in the way and I wasn’t sure he’d survive the mail … but didn’t think about that until after I’d already mailed them.

– Tiff