“And never see it.”

“Yeah?” Lexx grumbled, feigning interest since there was nothing else to do at the moment other than rest. “What’s an elephant?”

“Really big animal, Lexx, twice as tall as you, grey,…” Chel began to explain tilting her head back to take advantage of a slight breeze and get her hair off her back. She had unbraided it earlier and now she was regretting that. It was heavy and hot.

Epsy bounced up in front of them, tongue hanging out of the corner of her mouth, “Sounds like things I saw in the water before you came for me!! Yummy things!! They on land too?!” She squeaked cheerfully. “I’m hungry!”

Chel winced and frowned at Epsy, “Epsy! You can’t eat them!” She then paused, noting the row of teeth in the orca-based sallomandyr, “Well, I guess you can, but don’t!” Chel stuck her tongue out at her, disgusted at the thought of her trying to eat an elephant,.. or a whale.

From the nearby underbrush, hiding under the fronds of a particularly heavy growth of ferns, the speed dice was watching them. He’d been watching them from the moment they showed up, delighting himself in his new form and the ability to run circles around all four of them without being detected.