“I’m back!”  Chel called from her room.  She quickly walked down the hallway to the kitchen.  Chel smiled at Keith before turning her attention to her father.  “I spoke with Riley and he is okay with you coming to the island … as long as you don’t try to catch him again.”  She paused and gave Vic a questioning look.  “Or shoot him.”
“Chel, I did not shoot him.  Another agent did.  I have no intention to bring any weapons with me.”  Vic held up his arms to show that he probably wouldn’t be able to easily hide a weapon in what he was wearing anyway.  “You can check.”  He offered seriously, probably a bit more seriously than he intended.  Vic would love to have gone armed, but Primrose had been adamant that he not be armed and give them any reason to be hostile or suspicious.
Keith didn’t even ask about a weapon, which made things easier.  While he was qualified and licensed for a concealed firearm, he rarely carried one.  The smell of gunpowder on his person made his particular area of study a little difficult to pursue.  He didn’t even give a second thought to what kind of danger he could be in by going on this mission.  After all, Chel was fine.

Ahhhh… the things I have planned for Keith, because he’s the absolutely nicest guy there is. 😀 Which isn’t going to bode well for interactions with Lexx … is it?
I also think he’s the cutest male character I’ve drawn. 😀