Back on the Rift, Lexx relaxed on the couch, reading a bookplate. At least, that’s what it looked like he was doing. His gaze was occasionally diverted to Chel and Dash, who had managed to con Chel into brushing him. It was always a comical sight to see the large beast carrying around a brush in his jaws, especially in his previous forms. Lexx couldn’t even remember what his base form had been, just that he had a lot of fur and absolutely loved being brushed, to the point of annoying Lexx. And then, there was the rhyming thing that Dash had picked up. Lexx wasn’t sure from where, but right now he was paying more attention to Chel than Dash.

Lexx stared at the book, but he was still seeing Chel in his mind and in there, he could do anything he wanted and allowed his thoughts to wander. ‘Chel,’ He found himself standing behind her. Chel looked up curiously, letting the brush drop idly against Dash’s side. She had beautiful eyes. They were so strange. He’d never known anyone to have that particular coloration. Bluish green jewels with a bright star of light to them, pools of emotion that he could easily lose himself in.

‘Yes, Lexx?’ She smiled up at him. Shaking ever so slightly, Lexx dropped to his knees and slid his arms around her, pulling her close. She didn’t resist. And he just looked at her, enjoying the warmth of softness of her body in his arms.

He reached up to brush the wavy strands of golden orange hair out of her eyes, then caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. Then she opened her mouth and spoke, but not quite what Lexx wanted to hear, “Neat, a tiger who talks in prose.” Lexx smacked himself lightly in the head with his bookplate. STOP DAYDREAMING! He mentally scolded himself.

“Someone with appreciation for the finer things, what’s your place in the Alien Dice rings?” Dash licked one of his paws contently.

“None, really,.. just that Stealth is mine.” Chel ran the brush over the thick black and red ruff of fur around Dash’s neck. “Mrrr,”

Dash tilted his head up to offer more of his neck to be brushed, “A cat no one truly owns, just the physical given on loan.”