“Zeta want Chel stay! Stealth will run away, Zeta already know!” The dice lowered his head, swaying slowly back and forth on his hind legs and glaring up at Lexx. “Zeta go with her!”

Lexx was infuriated and turned to Chel instead of yelling at Zeta. “I hope you’re happy, just … stay away from me!”

Chel blinked and stated flatly, “It’s only a game.”

“To you, but to me, it’s my life,” Lexx retorted viciously.

“What a pathetic life.” The words escaped before she could stop them and they had an immediate effect on Lexx’s expression. He was looking at her, but his eyes immediately shifted away and he whispered more to himself than her.

“It’s the only life I have.” Lexx limped toward the door.