” Lexx,” Chel squinted, trying to see through the wind and occasional rain droplets spattering in her eyes. It was bad enough she didn’t have her glasses or contacts without this. She couldn’t see what was going on, other than where Lexx was and that the creature was falling.

Lexx stared in awe as the wind knocked his opponent back and then it started to fall backward. He took a step toward it, aware that it’d give him time enough for another attack and then this battle would be over and he would be the winner.

But that wasn’t how things were going to be. The dice’s leg slid awkwardly and in an effort to remain upright, it unwittingly exposed its back to the thick trunk of one of the trees that had splintered during the battle.

The sound echoed through the air above the rumbling thunder, that of splintered wood meeting flesh and bone. The creature’s head slammed back into the grass and it gave a single gasp, golden eyes widening. It was just wood, but it was enough. The nanites could repair the damage but it was as though something inside stopped them. It was far enough.

Everything was still. The body shuddered once and laid still. The eyes were left open never to close again and a voice whispered that nobody but Lexx could hear. ‘Thank you, Lexx.’