Lexx withdrew after a moment, looking away from Chel. “I need to lay down,” He mumbled, indicating that he couldn’t with Chel sitting on the couch.

Chel nodded, uncertainly rising to her feet. Lexx clumsily threw the blanket over the lowered arm of the couch. He was weak and his arms were cold andthe bandages soaked with water and blood. Slowly, Lexx unwrapped his arms and dropped the wraps on the floor. Chel watched silently, noticing how he turned his arms over and stared at the scars on his wrists.

‘I spent so much time hating my life that I wanted to die, I could have let that monster kill me. I could have, but I didn’t. I want to live,.. but at the same time I still want to die.’ Lexx mused in a fog of blurred thoughts. It touched him. She was staring at him. Self consciously, Lexx turned and laid down, making himself comfortable on his stomach and biting his arm against the pain that was still shooting through his side and ribs. He said nothing. ‘Idiot,.. fool. You let yourself get distracted and look what it got you!’

“Lexx?” Chel was standing by the couch in concern. The severed wing was red at the stump and down his side, but it looked as though it had already healed. “That looks so bad. Shouldn’t I wrap a bandage over it?” She offered. “What if it gets infected?”

“It won’t,.. ow,.. it has to be left open.” Lexx spoke in between shallow breathes. “The nanites will replace it,.. eventually. If you wrap it, they’ll tear the bandage anyway.”

Chel shivered involuntarily. The thought of those things that healed Lexx, crawling around inside of him, and on him. It really gave her the creeps. She was standing too close. Lexx could feel her sudden revulsion toward him. She had been so nice to him. He wondered if she didn’t like his appearance. The wings. He’d been repulsed by his appearance the first time they came. They’d turned him into a freak.

“As much as I don’t want you to do things for me, Chel.” Lexx didn’t look at her, the little bit of pride he had gnawing at him. “I need you to bring me something to drink. I can’t stand. It hurts too much. Stealth will bring you packets to mix into it. She’s in the kitchen.”

“Ok, uhm, Lexx. Is there anything else I can do for you?” Chel turned toward the kitchen, but waited for a reply. She knew she’d hurt him, but couldn’t figure out how.

“No.” Lexx whispered.