Six hours later, Lexx was glad that he’d agreed to go. The movie had been interesting. Of course, Chel had chosen a comedic picture, purposely trying to get Lexx to lighten up. He’d sat through it without a word, conscious that he was in a theatre full of humans who probably would not be very amused if they found out there was an alien among them.

He’d elected to go down at night, wearing his coat and a hat to hide his ears. Tying them back like he had the night he met Chel wasn’t very effective. The tips still showed. This way, he felt less like he stuck out, as long as he kept his head down, hair obscuring his features and skin color, nobody would take notice of him.

It had worked.

Now, leaving the theatre, he was feeling good. There was just something fun about being able to walk around and fool the humans. It also gave him time to get more acquainted with the things of this strange world, which he was very interested in. Lexx loved studying cultures and what better way to study than to walk among them?

“So, what did you think of the movie, Lexx?” Chel asked, studying Lexx’s face. As she was shorter than he, she had an excellent view and noted that there was something different. He wasn’t hiding behind the scowl and nervous eyes anymore.

“I liked it.” Lexx admitted, hands in his pockets, not looking at Chel, and then, he added, “Can we see it again?” He couldn’t believe he was asking that of her, when it had been she who begged to go in the first place.

“Not tonight, maybe another night?” Chel grinned.

Lexx was quiet as he continued walking, thinking about the evening and comparing it to the evening before. “When this game is over .. I’m considering staying here.”

“Really?” Chel was amazed he would admit something like that to her. She thought he’d just go back to his ship and leave. Why would he want to stay here?

“Well, not here as in this city, but on this planet.” Lexx clarified his statement, looking up as he walked and marveling at the view. From here, it gave him a chill to look up at a boundless sky, without a plate of clear metal to look through or anything between him and the stars,… but air. “I grew up on a space station, but my parents would talk about living on a planet. I just can’t enjoy it until the game is over.”