Chel didn’t know what to expect as she dropped the dice on the floor. They bounced once and then flickered, the forms of Stealth and Fly appearing where they had been, or at least, a version of them. The two were smaller than they were before. Stealth looked more like a kitten and only had one tail now, Fly was nothing more than a ball of fluff with two big blue eyes, a golden triangle between them and a long tail.

“Oh, they’re so cute!” Chel knelt down, reaching for Fly first of all. She couldn’t resist.

Lexx sighed next to her, arms folded, “Yes, and weak… and pathetic.”

Zeta blinked from behind Lexx and Chel’s legs. Stealth and Fly were glaring at him, and then, without warning the two leapt at him, batting at his head and body, hissing and chittering angrily. They were not pleased.

“Oww! Oww! Zeta not mean make you cute!!” He squealed, trying to protect his eyes. They were small, but they still pinched with their tiny claws and teeth.

“We are NOT cute!” Both growled simultaneously.

“Ok you two.” Lexx rescued Zeta by grabbing both of the little dice by the backs of their necks and handing them to Chel. “Zeta made a mistake and he’s already been punished for it.”

“Pffft.” Stealth arched her back, hanging over Chel’s arm and spitting in Zeta’s direction. She was not at all happy with her current state. “Just you wait, Zeta… when you’re sleeping, or rather, not sleeping.”

Fly crawled up onto Chel’s shoulder and merely puffed up. “Just look, my tail! My tail, it shrunk!”

Chel giggled, despite how they were acting, they were still unbearably adorable.