Lexx watched in horror as the dark liquid glimmered and crept toward him. Instead of standing, he tried to scoot backward, away from it. He didn’t want it to touch him.

“If it made you, then what good is it?” It was echoing from everywhere now. There was no escape. “Feels nice, to delude yourself into thinking someone cares about you, but in true reality, it’s all a lie, and so is what it produces, love indeed. What good are you? It’s all rooted in your own selfish desires. You are the most important person in your universe and that is the same for everyone. You will never find what you’re looking for because it does not exist. How can you expect it when you can’t do it yourself?”

“Stop it, I don’t know!” Lexx yelled. The words cut deeply. “Why can’t you leave me alone?!”

“I am reality.”

Lexx scowled. “I cannot accept that anymore! Reality in itself is change!”

He slammed his hand down into the black muck before him, wishing he could really attack it and destroy it like any other opponent, but this was something he couldn’t battle.

“You never change! You try to keep me the same! Cold! Dark! Separated! I don’t want this anymore!”