“I am a part of you. You can never escape my voice.” Lexx grimaced as the liquid clung to his arm, spreading and threatening to consume him in darkness. “That is reality.” Lexx leaned forward, giving in to the inevitable. His mental image changed, wings extending from his back and folding over his shoulders. He stared at the ground into nothingness. There was no longer a reflection. Only darkness.

“I am reality. No matter how much you try to avoid it. I am still there. I cannot be ignored. I am what I am and what you must face. I am all that you fear and all that you desire. I am what you really are.” The voice intoned.

Lexx squeezed his eyes together tightly. What he really was? This couldn’t be it. There was too much confusion in his mind, except for one small area. A small flicker of hope that had held his focus and despite the voice of his old reality, it shone brightly. Chel. She didn’t seem like what his reality had set in him. He could see her emotions and they were a cause of his turmoil. They were disrupting what he had accepted for so many years, or had he actually accepted it. He expected everyone to abuse him. That’s the way it had always been, but ultimately, his own nature had led him to help others. He was usually nasty about it, acting as though he despised being put out of his way, getting dirty or having his time taken up, but every time he enjoyed it. How many stranded craft had he stopped at to lend a hand? How many times had he seen someone even less fortunate than himself and given them something?

He didn’t want anyone around him. Why? It was and always had been obvious and he revisited it again. It was more painful to be disappointed than it was to simply be alone. He hated the ones who had disappointed him when he was young. He couldn’t even imagine hating Chel.

Lexx sighed and opened his eyes. “What I really am,.. but I can still see,… beyond my personal reality,…”