Chel paced. ‘What would Dad say? Mom? Dad’d probably shoot him. Mom’d want to study him, Why couldn’t he be, that’s stilly.” Chel chewed on her lower lip in thought. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She shouldn’t be standing here even thinking about it. She had a crush on him. She, a girl who didn’t get a lot of crushes on guys, had one on an alien. So he wasn’t really an alien. He was human. His skin was just a different color, he had pointy ears and strange eyes.

He would never fit in on Earth. What would they do to him? Chel looked over her shoulder at Lexx, not even wanting to think about it. They might lock him up and take him apart. ‘For some reason, we are here. For some reason, we met. For some reason, he’s driving me crazy. I look at him and want to make him smile,.. he is incredibly cute when he does.’ She admitted. It was so rare to see him smile.

‘I’ve gotten used to his eyes. They’re beautiful,’ Golden orange, like looking into a soft sunset after the sun had gone down and only its light was reflecting off the sky. ‘And his voice, I hear a lot in his voice.

It’s perfect. I can’t imagine leaving and never hearing it again. I don’t want to, but I will have to go home. Will that be the end?’ Chel swallowed hard, feeling a knot in her throat. ‘Just thinking about it, makes me want to cry. Only nine days and it hurts just to think about going.’

Chel stopped by the couch and went down on her knees next to Lexx. She reached out with her left hand, unable to stop herself. ‘I want to remember what it’s like to touch him before I go. Just his face. I want to remember it.’