‘If Lexx wakes up now, I was just checking his temperature.’ It would be awkward if he woke up. Chel could already feel her face burn as she touched his shoulder, then slowly slid her hand to his face. The hair had fallen back over it. His face was soft and warm to the touch.

Chel brushed back his hair and held her hand against his cheek. She could swear he was smiling. The longer she was with him, the more attractive he was looking, even with the scars. They were a part of him. Chel studied what she could see of him, moving her hand down over his back. She avoided the injured wing. The nanites still gave her goose bumps. She didn’t want any on her.

“Excuse me!” That voice. From out of nowhere. Chel felt her body freeze in shock. Claudia? Was she watching through an active viewer? “But what do you think you’re doing, Human?!” No. She was there in the room. How? “I can’t believe this! Lexx is sleeping and you’re TOUCHING him!! He’s mine! Get your hands off him! GO! GO!! GO!!!” Claudia loomed over Chel, flaming orange hair swishing back and forth vigorously with each shake of her head.