“Hey!” Chel started after Claudia, whispering harshly to get her attention, “Lexx is Fine! You have no right to come in here like this! I have everything under control. I don’t need your help.” She spoke quickly, and a bit more forcefully than she intended.

“I knew it!” Claudia spun around and responded to the emotion she heard, catching it for what it was. “I KNEW it!” She repeated. “You are after Lexx! You want him!!”

“I am NOT after Lexx!” Chel defended herself without missing a breath. “He’s my friend!”

“Then why are you so red?” Claudia swung a finger into Chel’s face, pointing accusingly behind a snide expression, “What were you planning on doing that has you so embarrassed you were caught about to do?! Huh?!”

Chel was speechless. She hadn’t ‘planned’ on doing anything. It was just embarrassing in general, kind of like being caught by mom or dad when you had purposely stood outside the door after a date and were about to kiss a boy. There was nothing wrong with it. It just felt weird. “…”

“Nothing!!” Chel finally blurted out.