‘What am I going to do about Claudia?!’ Chel’s mind raced, ‘She shouldn’t be here and I know she’s not going to leave on her own!’

“Disgraceful.” Both Chel and Claudia were surprised this time as a third voice announced the arrival of Damian. He was standing against the wall where he’d just come through his door to see the two females arguing. “How can you two stand there arguing when Lexx is laying there hurt.” He tsked them, with a stern look of disapproval.

“Lexx is fine. He just needs to rest,” Chel pled her case weakly. She was outnumbered now and sure that Damian was here for the same reason Claudia was.

“I’ll take him to my ship. He doesn’t look very comfortable.” Damian stated, walking past the two and toward Lexx.

“If anyone is taking him, it’ll be me!” Claudia growled, sidestepping to get in Damian’s way.