“You shouldn’t move Lexx.” Chel found her confidence waning, but didn’t want them to take Lexx. She was insulted that they were here and acting like this.

“You should wait until he’s awake and ask him. It’s up to him.”

“He needs a woman’s care,” Claudia glared at Damian. Neither of them had heard or even acknowledged that Chel was speaking. They were busy discussing amongst themselves who would be taking Lexx.

“I have several on call medical experts,” Damian motions to Lexx’s still evident injury, the stub of a wing.

Chel could only watch, feeling smaller and smaller with each passing word. They thought nothing of her. What she had to say meant little to them. She was just an inferior human. ‘They’re not going to listen to me,’ Chel sighed. ‘I can’t stop them, this sucks!’ She looked on helplessly, then resigned herself to give up. Maybe Lexx would wake up if they tried to move him.

She hoped that he would, then he could get rid of them. Quietly, Chel stepped into the bunk room and closed the door behind her.