Damian and Claudia found themselves looking at Riley. He wasn’t looking at them, but his stance showed exactly what he was thinking. Both Damian and Claudia suddenly felt ashamed. They both looked up to Riley as one of the best players in the game.

“You two are so selfish.” Riley knew he had their complete attention and kept his tone low and even. “Leave Lexx alone. If you really have his health in mind, you shouldn’t startle him or move him without his consent.”

Claudia pouted, saying nothing to the statement. Damian on the other hand, did, “We are just concerned, Riley. He is here all by himself.” Damian immediately regretted his words as Riley’s eyes opened and he stared at him.

“By himself?” Riley raised his voice, “Chel is here and she is the only one who needs to be here. You two were very rude to her. Now you have upset her.

You should remember that she is Lexx’s friend too.” Riley had been watching the feed, more out of boredom than anything else when Claudia and Damian had shown up. He had been amused at Chel’s actions, but now, these two had completely ruined it. He’d decided now was as good of time as any to visit.

“How do you think Lexx will feel about you two for the way you treated Chel? Just go. Right now. Lexx needs to rest and he is doing that right now without your help. I’ll fix the situation.

“You’re sure we can’t help?” Claudia inquired reluctantly.

“Yes.” Riley responded flatly.