“Riley is correct.” Damian shook his head in agreement. “Lexx would probably be upset if we move him.”

“But I’m better than Chel!” Claudia fussed, taking a step toward Riley.

Riley shifted his gaze toward her, raising a hand to point at her, “Claudia! How do you think your father will react to seeing footage of you throwing a fit on the ship of an indentured player? I seem to recall he was not pleased the last time you did it and embarrassed the family.”

Claudia recoiled in horror, glancing around. She often forgot about the cameras that were ever present around Lexx. “RILEY! You wouldn’t!” Riley grinned maliciously, showing off his fangs, “I’m sure he’d be very interested in seeing a recording of that feed. I know they don’t follow the circuit themselves except what you send them. They have better things to do.”

“Riley,..” Claudia whined, contorting her face as though in great pain.

“Come now, Claudia, Dear.” Damian wrapped an arm over the shaking Kourwine’s shoulders and leaned toward her. “We can come back when Lexx is awake. Now, how about we go to my ship and open a bottle of Zeni? I just got a fresh shipment of gourmet sweet bits as well. We can discuss a few things and watch a few old vids. How’s that sound?”

Riley continued glaring at Claudia. Damian was being cordial, which was helpful, but he knew that Claudia would throw a temper tantrum if she even thought Riley would change his mind and changing his expression would be the first indication.

“Very well.” Pouted Claudia, resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to get her way. “I’ll be by later to let you know how it went, Damian.” Riley stated.

“Of course.” Damian grinned, lightly pushing Claudia forward. “We’ll talk later.”

Chel laid on the bunk, staring at the drab steel wall. She was just laying there, seething and frustrated almost to tears under dimmed lights. ‘Ugh, I’m too old for this! I used to do this when I was a teenager,’ She paused in her thoughts, ‘Sure that was only a couple of years ago,…’

While she was going over her thoughts, the door to the bunkroom slid open. Chel frowned, not bothering to look up. She could hear footsteps. ‘NOW what, they have to come in here and bother me more? Maybe Lexx woke up, I hope he did. They were making enough noise.’ It didn’t sound like Lexx.

“GO away.” Chel hrmpthed, looking up. Then she choked on her words seeing eye to eye with Riley. He was crouched near the bunk, facing her with one of his overly charming smiles plastered over his face. “I got rid of Claudia and Damian for you, Chel.”

“R’Riley,…” Chel stuttered, pushing herself up nervously. “You remember me! Excellent!” He nodded cheerfully. “How could I forget,… what,.. what do you want?”

“Nothing much,…” Riley tilted his head to one side, feigning innocence. “Just you.”