“Oh,.” Chel looked away from Riley, feeling sheepish.

Riley rose to his feet and moved to sit down on the other end of the bunk, making sure that he wasn’t too close to make Chel uncomfortable. He wanted to talk and make sure she wasn’t distracted by anything.

“You’re pretty much alone up here, Chel.” Riley placed the disks on the bed in front of Chel. “And with the way Lexx is, I imagine you don’t get a lot of conversation. Don’t give up on him. He needs friends, and the Lexx you know now is not who he really is.” Riley smiled, making sure that Chel was looking at him. “Damian, Claudia and I all know this. You should know this too, he likes you more than them, just not more than me! He can’t like anyone more than me, that’s a rule!”

Chel cracked a smile at that comment. She really couldn’t help it. Riley had a certain charisma to him that made him incredibly likeable despite Chel’s previous encounter with him. For some reason, it felt like a privilege to even have him talk to her and she couldn’t figure out why.

“Would you believe that as a kid, Lexx never frowned. He never cried.” Riley went on, “He never complained or let anything get in his way. He was happy. I really miss that. He was a fun little brother to have.”