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Lexx: You’re here to fight me?
Acadiu: Unless you come willingly. Saign’s here to invite you to join our arena team.
Acadiu: I suggested it to her and she is very impressed with you.
Lexx: Acadiu,… I told you when I left,… I would not settle for anything less than my freedom,…


“Or death,”  Acadiu finished the statement.  He had heard it so many times from Lexx.  “How -is- life treating you, Lexx?”  He really wanted to help Lexx and just knew that Lexx would really enjoy the life he was now living.

Before Lexx could respond, Claudia forcefully grabbed onto his arm.  “Claudia!”  Lexx staggered back, trying to get her hands off his arm.  “Please, you’re going to pull my arm off!”

“Fine!!”  Claudia snapped toward Saign, “Lexx is going to win!!  You’ll see!”  Lexx struggled with her a moment, not quite sure what to do with her.

Saign shook her head and began speaking, “Hear me out before you decide, Lexx.  I am a Rishan just like you.”