Lexx couldn’t get it out of his mind. An hour later after returning to his ship and eating a quick dinner, he was working his headache up again. He sat on the couch in his main room, Zeta sitting next to him with his head resting on his knees. Chel didn’t act any differently. She seemed quite happy and more comfortable around Lexx than he thought she should’ve been. She wasn’t reacting like he’d thought she would. He’d hoped she’d want to go home, but she seemed persistent about remaining on the ship. Why? He kept asking himself that over and over again. Her behavior was truly troubling him.

“Lexx, I had a good time today.” Chel let her presence be known, standing near the end of the couch with Fly wrapped around her shoulders. The squirrel seemed to really like it there and Lexx noted that something was going on between him and Stealth. The cat was sulking more than usual.

“I’m sorry Damian showed up.”

“Don’t be, I thought he was interesting.”

“At my expense.” Lexx scowled, rubbing his forehead. He couldn’t help it, his mind swung violently to one side, immediately grasping at the most probable answer to his own question, “He only shows up to irritate me,…” Lexx stumbled slightly in his words, “Because he feels sorry for me. I don’t need his pity…” He paused and in a vicious tone added, “And I don’t need yours. Leave me alone. Go to bed.”

Chel stood there, speechless. She thought things were better today and now Lexx was back to being angry at her. She turned away silently, walking to the doors that lead to the sleeping area. Zeta hopped off the couch and darted ahead. “Is he always this moody?” Chel whispered to Fly as she stepped through the doors.

Zeta overheard, turning his head and stating matter of factly, “Zeta think Lexx likes Chel!” He hopped up onto the bed, where Stealth had already claimed her spot. The cat hissed and swiped at him, sending him to the other end of the bed. He didn’t stay there for long, grabbing Chel’s pillow, which was inexplicably … damp. He shook it and drug it down to the end Stealth was laying on, hitting her with it on accident. He was a little too eager to be helpful.

Chel looked at the two dice on the bed, Fly crawling down onto her arm and leaping onto the bed to join them. What Zeta had said caught her off guard. Lexx likes her? He didn’t seem to have any use for her other than to be angry at her. Although, it did seem that his anger was forced, like he was looking for something to be mad about and then he clung to it until it ran out. He’d been silent most of the day, because of Damian. Chel could understand why he was so upset about the story and his origins. He was human and he’d come to Earth to see home, that was all. How would she feel if she’d never seen Earth before and it was home,.. and she wasn’t welcome there. She did feel sorry for Lexx. He seemed so lost to her, but too thick headed to ask for directions or help.

Chel shook off the thoughts. It was late and she was tired and right now, she realized that there wasn’t much room for her with the three dice sitting on the bed looking at her expectantly. Just like a normal pet. Stealth as Mittens had often slept on her bed. Zeta had apparently developed some sort of liking for Chel to the point of wanting to hang around her, and Fly, well,.. Chel didn’t really understand the squirrel. He whispered a lot of interesting comments in her ear about Zeta, Stealth and Lexx, random things that were amusing.

— text missing —

Chel: With all of you on the bed… where am I supposed to sleep?!