She didn’t act quite like any player Lexx had been up against.  Saign was short, petite and spoke with such a calm voice that he felt like what she was saying was honest and not the usual pre combat taunting.

“There’s a lot of good crids to be made in the Arena, more than enough for every fighter I have to live the life they’ve only had in dreams.”  Lexx glanced at the four men behind her.  They didn’t act like some of the dice in the same situation he was in.  They were content.

Lexx shook his head, ridding himself of the thought that maybe he should go for it.  He would be giving control of his life to yet another person.  “What would you know of my dreams?  If I wanted that life, don’t you think I would have started in the Arena?”

“I’m offering you a way out, Lexx,”  Saign spoke patiently, “Your contract would automatically transfer from the ADC to me.  Ask my team how they are treated.”

“Don’t listen to her Lexx!”  Claudia jumped around in agitation, only held back by Lexx’s firm grip on her arm.