“Don’t get mad at Lexx.” Riley repeated. “It wasn’t his fault.” The Littan picked up his coat and folded it over one arm.

“What?!” Chel started after him. She wanted an answer and she wanted it right now. “What did Lexx do to me?!”

“Nothing.” Riley grinned. That grin was starting to become annoying. He always had at least one fang showing. “That’s why you shouldn’t be mad at him. And now,.. it is time for me to leave.”

“Hey! Riley!” Chel reached out to grab for him as he jumped away from her and headed for the wall, making as quick of an exit as he could. “Don’t walk away-” And he vanished. Riley walked through the wall and vanished like he’d stepped through it. “Argh!!” Chel clenched her fists in frustration.