‘Gone,’ Chel stared at the wall. ‘Must have a better door than Lexx. He just vanished!’ There hadn’t been a light, he just walked into nothing. Damian and Claudia must have the same kind of doors. That would explain why she hadn’t heard them arrive on the ship. They’d just appeared. Now, her thoughts went back to what Riley had said. ‘Cryptic.’

Silence. Only the steady hum of the ship could be heard. Lexx was probably still resting and none of the dice were to be seen. After all that noise, none of them had come to investigate? Maybe it was because they knew it was Riley.

Chel idly rubbed her arm, thinking on other things. The entire situation. This wasn’t the best place she could be. On one hand, what if her parents came home while she was away. They’d worry about her. On the other, Lexx. He really needed her. She wasn’t imagining it. It wasn’t a silly fantasy of a guy who needed her. How many times had she heard a friend explaining why she was with a boyfriend she didn’t really like. Chel had never understood that way of thinking.

Lexx needed someone and she had been ‘placed’ there, maybe just to help him. ‘There’s a reason for everything.’ Chel shook her head, settling on that path. ‘I’ll leave it up to Lexx. That would be best. When he makes me go home, then I will. Until that time, he’s stuck with me.’

‘I do wish I knew what Riley was talking about, although I think I already know. Something’s wrong with my head. Maybe Lexx is telepathic and just doesn’t know it. That makes sense with what Riley said. But then, why would I be mad, unless he’s reading my mind!!’ Chel shivered. ‘No, I don’t think he is. Be rational. He wouldn’t and I think I’d know if someone was poking around my head.’

Riley smiled, stepping into the transport room on his home ship. The ship itself had landed cloaked on the dark side of the moon, where they could easily keep watch over Lexx and the area, without anyone knowing exactly where they were. He could also come and go as he pleased to any of the ships.

Now, he input a short transmission to Damian, checking to make sure his transporter room was open. While he’d arrived uninvited on Lexx’s ship, for courtesy’s sake he would let Damian know he was coming. He’d completed his mission according mostly to what Zaile had told him to do. Keep Damian and Claudia from taking Lexx off his ship and disturbing him. The talk with Chel had been off the record. There were no cameras to watch them, so he could do what he wanted and he had. Although what he had done was tricky.

Too much information and she might leave. He wanted her to stay and while he was speaking had been skimming her thoughts. She was absolutely terrified of him, but handled the entire ordeal bravely. He’d probably gone a little too far, but he wasn’t sure how to act around the human. Maelinn, for as reserved as she was, enjoyed his attention and playing. The signal returned. They were waiting. Riley shook his head and felt good about himself. Things were going the way they needed to go. Now, he’d just have a little talk with Damian and Claudia and hope they’d see things his way.