“They’ve revised the rules to make players sign a release form in the event of their demise.  They know the risks,”  Saign continued dispassionately.  Obviously, she didn’t think much of the Gauntlet and wouldn’t participate in one.  “I also might mention that if they do issue The Gauntlet and you win.  You win.  It supercedes your contract.”  She paused a moment, “I’m not sure if all of that is true or not.  As I said, I heard it over the relay.  You should really go out on the Central Relay, Lexx.  You miss out on a lot of updates and news if you don’t.”

“Nobody can possibly win!”  Lexx flared his wings, “You either die or get captured!”  He had worked hard to get this far.  Changing the rules and adding something new to the game wouldn’t be unexpected, but it still didn’t feel right.

“Precisely,.. so how about it?  Join my team willingly and they can’t make you do it,”  Saign offered politely, her hand outstretched to Lexx.  “Otherwise, I am issuing my challenge to take you the hard way.”

“That is so unfair!’  Claudia suddenly piped up toward Saign, “Can’t you just leave him alone!”

“It’s a game, Claudia,”  Saign shrugged, “We play by the rules.”