“You probably should stay back here until we locate Steel.” Stealth suggested to Chel. “And when the battle begins. While most of us don’t intend to hurt our masters, accidents can still happen and Steel is a top-level dice. We’ll follow at a safe distance.”

Zeta and Epsy had already darted toward the mountain goats, sure that the dice they were after was probably nearby. “Mmm, lunch.” Zeta popped his head up over a low row of rocks and licked his jaws. The goats were very tempting to go after instead of looking for their target. Without a second thought, Zeta started over the rocks.

He was jerked back hard as Epsy’s jaws clenched around his tail. “Nu-uh, Zeta! Steel trample you if you go solo!”

“Ahhh,” Zeta strained to go forward, waving his short forepaws in the air. “But I’m hungry!!!”

“As usual.” A husky voice broke the crisp air, followed by the sound of feet over rocks. Zeta and Epsy turned to the side, realizing they’d made an error and were now vulnerable. Steel had come around them, moving agilely up the blind side of the ravine and was now bolting toward them at top speed. He swung his gleaming gray antlers once for effect, then lowered his head, intending on slamming into both Epsy and Zeta if he could.