Zeta hung on stubbornly, despite feeling very battered and then suddenly extremely cold. Epsy had opted for icing the ground beneath their feet from behind. After a moment, the jagged rocks were no longer jagged and Steel was having a hard time moving. He stamped his feet and lifted his head, swinging it back and forth hard. Zeta was knocked around and then felt a very welcome sensation. He’d hit his time to roll and quickly his body began to change.

‘Good timing, good!” Zeta shivered as his body was healed completely, and more than tripled in size and weight.

Steel suddenly realized that he was in serious trouble as the added weight forced him to splay his legs and allowed Epsy enough room to freeze them momentarily into the ground. Zeta growled, twisting his body around to force Steel off his feet. Steel snorted and fought back, breaking the ice again to free his feet.

Now, it became a close up grappling match, with Steel trying his hardest to remain standing. He could hold his ground as long as he was standing.

Zeta was quick to realize that as long as they were close, he actually had less of a chance of getting injured badly, especially with one forepaw clenched at a spot on Steel’s head to keep his horns away.

“This may take awhile.” Stealth shrugged her shoulders, “Steel is very stubborn, but Zeta has him outmatched even at only a side 4 to Steel’s 6. Steel has a problem with the cold, it makes him lock up, so he’s going to gradually slow down and freeze if he’s not careful.”

Chel nodded, grateful that their current battling was most likely not going to end in anyone getting killed, although surprised at Zeta’s change. If she remembered right, Epsy was also a side 4 and she wasn’t as big as Zeta.

The struggle went on for a full hour before Steel was finally knocked off his feet. During the entire time, Epsy had been working on getting him locked down. The modifiers had worn off so she was resorted to her less powerful cold attacks, but they’d finally done the job and between she and Zeta, Steel finally panted, “I give, I give,.. now get me out of this!!”