Maenae! Riley had been close enough to hear Maenae as well. He rushed down the hallway hoping to catch her before anything happened. She wasn’t supposed to be there. She wasn’t supposed to be on the island at all. Where is Torin?!
She’s supposed to be on my ship! Riley shouted at Lexx over the relay.
Get her out of here! I don’t want her in any danger!! Lexx shouted back. Get her off the planet immediately!
Riley haphazardly ran through the door to the balcony, catching his left hand on the door with a loud whack. It didn’t slow him down. He grabbed Maenae and stepped away from Victor.
“Excuse us!” Riley nervously backed away.
Victor stared at him suspiciously.
“Put me down, Riley!” Maenae screeched dropping her ball.