Chel stumbled over the ground and almost slipped on the thick layer of ice surrounding the trapped dice. Stealth was right behind her, for a moment, until her paws slid out from under her and she wound up gliding into Steel’s rump.

“Hurry and tag him, Chel!” Stealth sniffed as though she’d intended to do that.

“Nnnh,..” Steel rolled his eyes as Chel knelt beside him. “You’re not Lexx.” He grunted.

“No,.. I’m Chel.” She reached for Steel’s ear, the tagging ring in her right. She was uncertain about tagging him, but thought it might not be any worse than having your ear pierced. “Lexx couldn’t make it.” Chel glanced at the ring, noting that it was only a partial ring. She slipped the opening over Steel’s ear and was surprised when it twitched in her hand and set itself.

“Oh,” Steel didn’t flinch. “He’s injured badly? Such a shame.”

“He’ll be ok.” Chel leaned back, watching Steel slowly extricate himself from the ice.

“Zeta eat now?!” Zeta bumped Chel in the back eagerly with his head, then sat back, waiting for an answer.

“You have food on the ship!” Chel sighed in exasperation. “I’m not going to watch you kill and eat some poor animal.”

“We can share?!” Epsy suggested. Chel rolled her eyes and stood, “Zeta, why don’t you help Steel out so we can get back to the ship.” She brushed her hair back, thinking, ‘That was interesting,.. at least none of them were hurt. I hope Lexx doesn’t mind.’