“No! Chel, NO!” Lexx stared forward, eyes fixated on the feed before him. He could see a limited feed of his own battles for his own research and right now, the cameras were showing Chel. He’d awoken fifteen minutes before and asked where Chel was. The blabbering black squirrel had filled him in.

This was bad, very bad. The cameras were on HER. He didn’t want her drawn any further into his game and full exposure would mean that at some point, someone might attempt to contact her. He had to protect her from that.

Lexx painfully stood, taking a moment to check the severed wing. The stump of it was no longer open and instead a rounded nub. A thin webbing had begun to grow. He paced across the room, unaware that he was being watched.

“I told Stealth it was a bad idea.” Dash shook his head, and then lowered it to Dig and Fly to whisper more.

“I don’t know what she’s thinking these days.” Snorted Dig. “She could’ve gotten Chel killed!”

“Yes, yes, but she didn’t.” Fly chattered, then sighed. “Lexx is going to send her away. I just know it.”

“No, he won’t.” Dash growled. “Not until she IS in danger. Lexx wants to keep her around. He loves her. He won’t make her leave unless she does get hurt and I seriously doubt that will occur,.. not with us around. Right?”

“Uh,.. yeah.” Dig folded his forepaws and twitched his ears in doubt. “Like we can do anything.”

“I’ll try!” Fly fluffed up, trying to make himself bigger than he was.

Ten minutes later

– no more text available –