Lexx blinked out of Keith’s relay instantly. Chel followed close behind and found herself in a sea of golden browns.
The ground made a soft squishy sound as she took a step toward a rapidly brightening golden light. She looked up and could make out the vague shapes of trees. The light spread, illuminating rich oranges and reds. It looked like a vast field of fall cloaked trees and the warm light made Chet smile. She recalled telling Lexx that fall was her favorite season. She also remembered the confused look on his face until she explained what it was and that she wasn’t looking forward to falling on her face.
The darker browns around her split into broad tree trunks and brown grass. Chel giggled and darted through the trees looking for Lexx. She felt a tickling sensation and glanced down to see her clothing had been manipulated by Lexx. A pale turquoise hybrid of shirt and scarf drifted airily over her shoulders and on top of a darker sleeveless shirt and even lighter pants.
“What are you doing, Lexx?” Chel called out roundinganother tree.
“Trying something new,” Lexx smiled as he stepped into view. “Do you like it?”
“Yes, it makes me feel warm.” Chel giggled and rubbed her arms. It was nice to see Lexx trying to do something new. She was also fully aware that he was doing this for her benefit.

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